Vaccination of 570,000 sheep and goats

According to the annual livestock vaccination schedule in north-western Syria, the veterinary teams of the WATAN system have completed the vaccination of sheep and goats against intestinal poisoning diseases, and the treatment of external parasites in all regions of north-western Syria. This was done as part of the project “Counting and vaccinating cattle herds in north-western Syria”, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization “FAO”.

With this, WATAN completed the vaccination of 570,000 sheep and goats in the northern governorates of Aleppo and Idlib, reaching more than 13,000 livestock breeders in all targeted areas.

This intervention contributed to the protection of sheep and goats from intestinal poisoning and external parasites for the next six months, which in turn would protect them from all diseases that could threaten their lives, as well as protecting people who feed on their products from harm.