Storm Emergency

Idlib Needs Your Help!

A winter storm has ravaged the Camps of Idlib and their residents.

A winter storm has caused significant material damage to dozens of tents in the northern Syrian camps. This winter storm contained rain and high-speed winds in different areas of Idlib. Over 13 camps have been targets of varying damages, from tents getting torn and destroyed to damages within the tents’ internal materials.

The storm is likely to continue for a longer time, pointing out the need to take safety measures within the camps and the requirement of immediate aid. Vulnerable families are suffering as the cold temperatures keep getting lower, and without any durable shelter, they cannot survive the freezing winds.

Our Mission

To facilitate families and individuals displaced by disasters and conflicts and provide adequate support to those unprepared to protect their homes from freezing temperatures and the cold months of the winter season.

In the meantime, WATAN UK is doing everything to address the significant needs of the displaced families who now need help in northwestern Syrian camps. We aim to send the necessary assistance, winter supplies, and durable tents since they are without any shelter to stay warm in. But we can’t do this alone, and our brothers and sisters in Idlib need your support.

Shelter for a Family£650

Your support can be the aid they require and help them get through the harsh winter months. We can help the ones in need, so they can sleep in peace.

Give Where the Need is Greatest

£24 - Blanket & Mattress For A Person