Ramadan Shelter Appeal

Years of conflict, disasters, poverty and challenges, the displaced people of Syria have been through hell and back…

Feed The Fasting

Life has become more difficult for them, even for the wealthy ones. Amid these circumstances, their lives…

Storm Emergency

A winter storm has caused significant material damage to dozens of tents in the northern Syrian camps. This winter storm contained rain and high-speed winds in different areas of Idlib.

Back To School

Countless Syrian Families have been forced to live a life of trials in the IDP camps. The camps have provided refuge to these families.

Al Bab Covid Care & Isolation Centre

Wildfires broke out in Manavgat, Antalya and spread to many cities of Turkey, which were described as the largest wildfires in the history of Turkey.

IDPs Livelihood Support

The conflict in Syria has continued for more than ten years now. It has displaced the families from their homes and forced almost 83% of the population into a life of poverty.