The Al-Tamayuz Village.. Ending the Crisis of 60 Displaced Families

As a result of the conflict in Syria that started in 2011, many residential buildings were left unused of which many suffered destruction due to military operations. WATAN, working with local councils and initiatives in the region, conducted surveys aimed at assessing the situation of the residential buildings, as large parts of them are currently inhabitable. Some are currently used as collective housing that include many families who fled to the area and some returnees that found privacy in the walls that were left alone to protect them against storms and rain.

The displacement wave from southern Idlib governorate and western Aleppo governorate, due to the military escalation that occurred in January 2020, has caused overcrowding of shelters in the areas where people are currently seeking refuge. Because of this, there was a need to provide more housing facilities that provide heating, privacy and protection.

Because of this, WATAN, in partnership with the Humanitarian Excellence Charity, and in cooperation with a number of civil engineers and architects, designed a model residential village that has been studied structurally.

The project aims to build this model housing units for families affected by the conflict in order to protect them, preserve their dignity and privacy, and contribute to restoring the normal social lives of families displaced from their land and alleviate their suffering.

A typical housing structure consists of a building containing two apartments that each contain a living corner, sleeping corner, shower, bathroom, and a kitchen. The project consists of 60 housing units, a mosque that can accommodate 200 worshipers,a health centre, and a school. The health center is well equipped to receive patients on a daily basis with lab testing and medical imaging. The health center has an ambulance that provides immediate response in difficult situations.