After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the health service within Syria started to deteriorate at an even faster rate and because of this many families in northern Syria are experiencing suffering. One way to combat this and improve the situation is to improve hygiene, which will in turn alleviate the suffering of the displaced. In response to this, a major project was launched in many camps with the objective of promoting personal hygiene. It was launched in the following camps: Nahnu Ummah, Al-Nuri – Madinat Tayba, Abna’ Hama, Al-Mala’b (Kafr Daryan), Al-farat, Umm Jalal – WATAN UK Camp 2, Al-Faraja – Baldat Kafr Daryan. Activities implemented included:

  • Supplying sterile water through tanks.
  • Removal of solid waste.
  • Cleaning of technical pits.
  • Distributing personal hygiene packs.
  • Periodic health awareness campaigns.
  • Distribution of garbage containers.
  • Bathroom facilities include those for people with special needs.
  • Employing workers to clean the bathroom blocks daily.
  • Paving roads, to ease travel and improve safety.
  • Implementation of sewage lines from technical pits, to convert into water suitable for irrigation.
  • Building wells with a solar energy system to operate the wells, building reservoirs and water networks.


This is an ongoing project which launched at the beginning of the year. The distribution of much of the equipment has now been completed such as the hygiene packs, tanks, and garbage containers, but there are daily services that continue to be provided, and sewage lines continue to be extended.

Based on the latest update, the number of beneficiaries of these services reached 21,319 individuals – 3,678 families.

The project is expected to:

  • Improve general hygiene in the camps.
  • Support families with low incomes, widows, and people with special needs, and alleviate the financial burden.
  • Resulting in a cleaner environment due to the safe disposal of solid waste in camps.