The residents of northern Syria are experiencing great suffering, amidst a health system with a suffering infrastructure due to the destruction of hospitals, clinics and medical centers as a result of the bombing that was targeting them. The health situation is deteriorating, especially with the spread of Covid-19, which increased the pressure on the health system. WATAN paid this aspect great care, through its establishment of health centers, with its endeavor to provide all the necessary health services.

In this context, and through the “Norwac 11” healthcare services project, WATAN, in cooperation with NORWAC, provided health care services in(4 centers, namely:

  • WATAN 1 in Tallil Al-Sham Azaz
  • WATAN 2 in Mare’.
  • WATAN 3 in Idlib city.
  • WATAN 4 in Salqin.

This project covers primary care services needs of the beneficiaries in “Talil al-Sham”, where there is a general clinic, a pediatric clinic, and a radiology clinic, with laboratory and radiology services. There is a blood bank, and an oxygen cylinder filling service in Mare’. There is a blood bank in the city of Idlib that serves the needs of hospitals in the region for blood products, in addition to treating thalassemia patients.

The “Norwac 11” project focuses on the new blood bank, which will be opened in Salqin on 9/6/2021 to cover the needs of the area in the north of Idlib governorate. It is noteworthy that the “Norwac 10” project is ongoing, and the contracts of its team have been renewed, with all purchase orders secured.

The blood bank in Selqin is expected to fill 70% of the needs of 29 hospitals in the region. These services are urgently needed by the region. Other centers in the region cover the needs in the areas in which they are located from donated blood in Mare’ and Idlib to the medical care service in Tallil al-Sham. WATAN aims to provide better healthcare in the region to alleviate some of the burdens of displacement.