Providing Food for the Poor and Distraught Children of Syria!

Syria’s civil war has been in the news for a long time now. It has mutilated the face of the country, turning everything into rubble. Millions have fled from the violence. Those who stayed, are in desperate need of help. Together we can save the people of Syria. What they need right now is food, water, medical aid, hygiene kits and shelter. Watan UK is among the few charity organisations working round the clock to provide food for the poor, conflict-struck people of Syria. It is crucial to understand the background of the Syrians who so desperately need our help today. It wasn’t always like this for them.

A Story of the Yonder Days

Let’s take a stroll in the streets of the city of Aleppo, Syria.

The year is 2010.

The weather is warm with an air of content all around.


Groups of children are heading back home after school. Happy, laughing and playing in the glistening sun.

Women are at home, getting their family’s favorite meal ready. Dinner-time is the family time. They all get together and share the highs and the lows of their day with each other over delicious food and fresh, warm bread.

The city that is their home, Aleppo, is the best place to be at right now. It is the top industrial city of Syria, offering multitudes of job opportunities to people from all over the country. Syria itself is doing great! The rich history and culture, spanning over more than 8,000 years, brings tourists from across the globe. Agriculture, oil and tourism industries are booming in the country.

Fast Forward To 2018

Almost all the major cities of Syria are devastated by the war.

Once the top industrial city, Aleppo is now in ruins.

Death, hunger, devastation and fear loom in the air!

Children are the worst affected. With schools, hospitals and homes destroyed, they have no way to escape from the everlasting torture.

Around 13.1 million people are in need of humanitarian support in the country. This does not include the millions of refugees living in neighbouring countries’ camps.

More than 5.6 million people have fled from the civil war in Syria. Taking refuge in foreign lands.

6.1 million people are internally displaced within Syria as the direct result of the war.


Impact of War on the Children

The life of a Syrian child is in shambles! Their childhood, their innocence, their happiness were snatched away in the blink of an eye. Those who are old enough to remember what Syria was like before the war broke out, have something to reminisce about, as compared to the little children, those who have only experienced fear, death, insecurity and frailty so far. The emotional and physical toll of the war on these children is beyond our wildest imagination. We cannot even begin to fathom the traumas these young minds have been through in the past few years. The nightmares they have to endure every night would keep us awake for the rest of our lives if we ever saw a glimpse of those.

Physical health is the stepping stone for a healthy emotional state. Watan UK has teams present on the ground in Syria, working tirelessly to provide food for the poor and the deserted people of Syria. We are well aware of the impact this long-running war has had on the health of the children. That’s why we are providing them with as many essential nutrients as possible.

Watan UK has special Children’s Nutrition Packs consisting of rice, soy protein, vegetable blends to provide much-needed vitamins and minerals to these children. Providing nutritious food for the poor and troubled children of Syria, we can hope for a better future for them then what they currently see.