Kafr Jannah Center: Various Health Services

Similar to its previous achievements in providing medical services through its health centres, WATAN has worked in cooperation with the Aleppo Health Directorate and the Global Health Directorate, to establish a new health centre. It provides health services through the following clinics: General, Internal, Paediatric, Otolaryngology, Orthopaedic, Dental and Reproductive health.

In addition to these laboratory services, there is also a mobile clinic in operation targeting the difficult-to-reach camps in: “Kafr Jannah” affiliated to the city of “Afrin” north of Aleppo Governorate.

WATAN has continued to work with the organization “Awesome” to cover the psychiatric clinic, and work with the organization “Mentor” to cover leishmaniasis services, from the beginning of the August of last year for a full year that can be extended after being evaluated. This is done with the aim of organizing work and establishing a common ground for cooperation, with the provision of Free health services for poor families.

It is noteworthy that the centre is currently suffering from a severe shortage of operational costs, equivalent to 40% of the centre’s total operational costs, including medicines, medical consumables and doctors’ wages.

It is also worth noting that the number of beneficiaries reached approximately 3,000 per month, most of whom are children and women who do not have health care. However, in addition to the services provided by the “Kafr Jannah” centre, where the centre provides pregnancy care services to approximately fifty women who are in dire need of follow-up by midwife.

It is expected but a work in progress: the continued provision of health services in the Kafr Jannah centre; to meet the health needs of the population.