New Blood Bank Opening Soon & 4 Healthcare Centres

Due to the ongoing crisis in northern Syria and targeted bombs many hospitals, clinics and medical centres have been destroyed and the standard of healthcare services has deteriorated massively. Watan is actively working to improve the situation and provide all necessary healthcare services by establishing multiple healthcare centres around Syria. In cooperation with the organisation NORWAC 4 centres have been provided, namely: Watan 1 Tallil Al-Sham, Azaz, Watan 2 Marea, Watan 3 Idlib Medina and Watan 4 Salqin.

This project ensures the basic needs of the beneficiaries of this service in “Talil Al-Sham” are met. There’s a general clinic, a paediatric clinic, a dental clinic, with both laboratory and dental services.

There is also a blood bank, and service to fill oxygen cylinders in Marea.

There is a blood bank in Idlib, which provides blood to hospitals within the region as well as treating thalassemia patients.

The Norwalk 11 project focuses on the new blood bank, which will be opened in Salqin to fulfil and cover the needs of the north of Idlib governorate.

As for the new blood bank, the center’s site has been initially approved, and a contract will be made to rent the center for the duration of the project.

The staff have been fully contracted, and they are ready to work as soon as the center is ready and fully equipped.

Services that will be provided by the blood bank in Salqin are urgently needed in the region. It is expected that once the blood bank is up and running it will fulfil the needs of 29 hospitals in the region, up to 70% capacity.

As well as focusing on the new blood bank, all the ongoing centers within the Norwalk 10 project have had their staff contracts renewed.