How to Help Syrian Children Recover From the Impact of War

Seven years of conflict and the violence has still not stopped for the people of Syria. The suffering of hasn’t gotten any less. Support isn’t enough to contain a crisis of this magnitude. A lot more needs to be done. Women, children and men of Syria are suffering, both at home and on foreign lands. They need our support. Let’s find out how to help Syrian children recover from the impact of war!

Almost everyone has sent the tormenting images from Syria. Depicting the conditions there. These people are constantly living under the shadow of fear. Not knowing where the next bomb will come from, or where it will land. It could be there home. It could be a hospital. Their children’s school. Life is as uncertain for them as it can get. The number of displaced people is increasing every day. As well as the number of children who become orphans. If you are looking for ways to help people in Syria, there are many options you can follow.

How to help Syrian children

Images of Syrian children facing the devastations of war have shaken the global community. At such a tender age, instead of focusing on education and playing with their friends, these little kids are witnessing their friends and families being killed in attacks. Or worst, being a victim of these attacks themselves. No child should ever have to go through such things. The long-lasting impact of this war on their fragile minds is dangerous, to say the least. If they make it out of there alive, it will take decades of constant efforts to help them overcome these demons. You can donate to Watan UK and send a monthly supply of funds to support children, or assist in their education and rehabilitation.

Sponsor a Syrian child

One of the most important ways you can help them is by sponsoring a Syrian child. When you sponsor a Syrian child, you not only develop an invisible bond with the child but in this way, you can reinstate their faith in humanity. With your sponsorship, you can provide them not only with food and clothes but have an impact on a much deeper level. It provides them with emotional well-being, peace, stability and care. The Syrian war has created millions of orphans. These children need your attention and support. These are all extraordinary children. Contact Watan UK to sponsor a Syrian child and help make a difference.

Provide basic supplies

If you want to send other goods to help Syrian children, you can do that. Those who are still trapped inside Syria need all the help they can get. It isn’t easy manoeuvring inside the war-torn country, but aid organisations like Watan UK are still present on the ground and helping as many people as they can. You can contact them and inquire about the list of essential items required to help Syrian people.

The ones who have managed to escape from Syria are confined to refugee camps in various countries. These people need a different level of support from the world. Most important one being acceptance. You can send them warm clothes, blankets, food supplies, medical supplies, clean water, books and other similar items as and when deemed appropriate. Do check with the charity organisation to ensure what you are sending is needed there.


The simplest way to be of help is to donate to organisations like Watan UK, present on the ground providing aid to refugees. If you could give long-term donations, it would be really helpful for the charity organisations trying to help Syrian people. Watan UK has different causes, and you can choose which cause you want to support with your donation. Your help means they can get supplies of their most basic needs like food, water, medical kits, shelters and personal hygiene.

This is the time for action. We all should pitch in as much as we can to help Syrian people come back to life. A lot needs to be done, and it needs to be done now! There is a lot we can do to help refugees in Syria. With our support, they can possibly find peace and happiness again.