As part of its efforts to support the livestock sector in northern Syria, WATAN UK launched a project to support livestock farmers by providing vaccines. The project immunizes livestock against infectious diseases in cooperation with the FAO.

The project targets areas in northern Syria and is expected to contribute to increasing animal health and raising the level of food security in the region. The first stage of the project involves the immunization of cattle against lumpy skin disease and the immunization of sheep and goats against smallpox. The second stage aims to immunize cattle against foot-and-mouth disease. The project is expected to protect cows from lumpy skin disease for one year and protect sheep and goats from smallpox for a year.

The first stage started on 25th of September and continued till the end of October, through which WATAN UK was able to reach 10,000 beneficiaries. More than 7200 head of cows were vaccinated against LSD and 650,000 heads of sheep and goats were vaccinated against smallpox. It is worth noting that several protocols and memoranda of understanding have been signed with the directorates of agriculture and local councils in the targeted areas.