Food Donation For Syria And The Impact It Has On The Syrian Children

What Can We Do?

Millions of Syrians have escaped the country to save their lives and protect their loved ones from the impact of the civil war. Those who are left behind need urgent assistance. Times like these call for the people of the world to unite. Forgive our differences and work toward creating a better, safer space for the people of Syria. Choosing the right avenue to help is crucial. Amid the plethora of charity organisations working to help Syria, your best bet is to select the ones already working on the ground. This way you can ensure your donation is used to provide much-needed food for the starving. Getting food to the families stuck in the besieged areas is another task that can only be tackled by the charities with on-ground resources.

Support the Charities

Donate money to the charity you trust to handle the situation in the best possible manner. Charities like Watan UK have food pack plans where you can help them in supplying food for the Syrian families for the whole month.

If you happen to be in a European country where refugee camps are set up, you could do more than donate. Ask your local aid organisations for the ways you could provide food to the Syrian refugees.

Bread: The Bare Minimum!

When there is nothing else, there is bread! The conflict-struck Syria needs operational bakeries to survive. A lot of the bakeries are providing thousands of bread packets per month to the starving families. The Care bakery in Aleppo is 100% owned, run and supported by the charity, Watan UK . It distributes thousands of bread packs to hundreds of families. These are the initiatives that need our support. Food donation for the people of Syria should be our foremost concern.


Food Donation for the Syrian Children

Channel the pain you feel for the Syrian children towards something that would help them survive. These children stuck in the middle of a worsening conflict don’t get enough nutrients to get a healthier life. Whether it is children living at a refugee camp or stuck in a besieged Syrian city, they all need vital nutrients to grow. Charities like Watan UK provide nutrition packs consisting of carefully selected food items to provide these children with essential nutrients. One of the best ways to protect our future generations by sending nutrition packs to the children of Syria.

The Silver Lining

The Syrian civil war has crippled the agricultural infrastructure of the country. From devastated crops to the wrecked purchasing and distributing structure, Syria will take a long time to redevelop its agriculture after the war ends. In the meantime, we can help bring relief to the Syrian families. Whether at refugee camps or in Syria. Global support is of utmost importance now. A positive today will help form a brighter tomorrow.