Donate to Syria to Help the People in Need

More than 4 million people are displaced inside Syria due to the ongoing conflict. Blasts, rocket fires and constant bombing has taken many lives and put many others in danger. The people of Syria have not much left than a hope. So donate to Syria and help them regain their lives.

Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

The still-going timeline of the Syrian conflict as taken several peaks of death and destruction. Since the conflict began in March 2011, millions of civilians have been forced to flee their lands in search for peace. The Syrian refugee crisis was dubbed as the ‘worst refugee crisis in the history of the world’.

The backdrop of Syria’s humanitarian crisis was not set in the years when the conflict began, but it had started in 2006 when Syria experienced the worst drought in the recent history of the country. The drought continued for five years, pushing hundreds of thousands of farmers into the well of poverty. A mass of rural people migrated to the urban areas. Amid the environmental crisis, the conflicts impacted Syrian communities in the worst way in modern history.

The crumbling infrastructure of food and agricultural sector in Syria has worsened the living conditions of people living near the poverty line. An estimated 58% of the families living in besieged areas are living in extreme poverty. 76% of refugee households and IDPs are living below $3.84 income per day which is rising continuously. At such a low income rate, it is virtually impossible to fulfil the daily food and other necessities of life.


The Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees (VASyR) revealed that food insecurity is still a prime concern for the Syrian refugees. A large portion of the population is malnourished. Children and pregnant women are among the most affected group. International funding is still insufficient to meet the growing needs.


Donate to Syria through Us

Watan UK is UK-registered NGO. The charity was established in 2011 in response to the growing Syrian conflict. Since then, we have been working in Syria and other countries to help Syrian refugees. Watan UK aims to support Syrian communities and to help them lay the foundations of a brighter future.

Our Work in the Country

Watan UK has been working in Syria since the conflict began. We began our mission by delivering aid to those who need it most regardless of the people’s religion, sex, age or ethnic background. Watan UK continued to deliver Humanitarian assistance to the neediest. Watan UK was awarded the Best NGO 2013 by the Global Peace and Unity 2013 International Charity Awards.

For the past five, we have supported thousands of Syrians living on the ground and in other countries as refugees. We do this with the support of generous people around the world who donate to Syria through our campaigns. We have been providing humanitarian aid in many forms.

Watan UK has several projects on the ground to address the needs of every group in the Syrian communities. We not only provide emergency aid but also support refugees and internally displaced people by providing shelter.

We aim to end hunger in Syria, and this is only achievable through sustainable development in the food and agriculture sector which has been declining in the past decade. We have established three bakeries in Idlib where over 56,000 bread pack are being produced and distributed among the needy, every month. The bakeries also provide a collective 100 tonnes of flour every month.


We focus on rebuilding Syria’s education system as we believe that education can bring entire communities out of poverty. Our education projects aim to provide opportunities for children to get a better education on a consistent basis. We also own and run schools in different regions of the country, educating over 1,600 students and over 120 teachers. These schools are equipped with modern computers and e-systems that have modernised the educational system in Syria.


Your Help is needed!

You can donate to Syria and help the needy people of the country out of the misery they are in. Every penny you donate to Watan UK will go towards helping a needy person in Syria or a Syrian refugee who is desperately looking for humanitarian assistance.