The frightening rate of Covid-19 infections in Syrian camps should not came as a surprise. The tight and neglected living conditions prevent displaced from abiding by the preventative measures that the rest of us can abide by. Especially those who do not have access to masks, sterilizer and are unable to applying social distancing rules due to the small space they have.

According to the EWRN report issued on 5th October 2021 the current situation in northwest Syria has begun to deteriorate significantly. A shocking statistic where the positive rates of infection with Covid-19 reached 60%, with 76,750 infected and 1,464 recorded deaths related to Covid-19.

In addition, there is a spread of the delta mutation known for its rapid spread, especially within the camps as the centres and Covid-19 hospitals are worryingly high occupancy rate. Intensive care units in Covid hospitals are approximately 85% full, and the competitor has reached 90%. Many patients are waiting in turn until he obtains an empty bed, lifesaving as oxygen and the crisis is exacerbated by the spread of black fungus among those infected with Covid-19.

To limit its spread; WATAN UK has responded by collaborating with the organisation ‘Fundraising’. They do this by operating two centres for treatment of Covid-19 patients in Maarat Misrin and Al-Bab area. They conduct:

PCR examination of patients suspected of being infected with Covid-19 in isolation centres in coordination with EWRN.

  • Providing medical consultations to patients by qualified doctors.
  • Providing patients with COVID-19 with oxygen therapy and necessary medications.
  • Providing isolation service for patients suspected of being infected, and then quarantining them.
  • Providing psychological support and raising health awareness for patients infected with COVID-19.

The number of people infected with Covid-19 who were treated within two months reached 2,100, and 2,850 PCR examinations were conducted.