British 10K Run

This past Sunday the 15th of July was the British 10k Run, where thousands of British runners converge on central London to complete a 10 kilometre run for whatever reason they possess, and from these thousands of people were three who volunteered to run on behalf of Watan UK.

They ran the full 10k in order to raise funds for Watan UK and be of service to the Syrian people. They did this in spite of the heat on the day, combined with the high volume of runners which made the run even more difficult.
We are very grateful to all three of the runners, Raquel Portes, and the two siblings Sanaa Serroukh and Abdul-Latif Serroukh. We are also very grateful to our photographer, Zaynab, who took brilliant pictures throughout the day.
If you want to get involved and copy the actions of those involved on this day, contact us and we can make it work. And don’t forget to visit the pages of our runners and photographer below!