As COVID-19 continues to spread in northern Syria, thousands of families continue to live at risk without masks. In its continuous efforts to help reduce the spread of the epidemic and in response to the severe shortage of masks in the region, WATAN UK has manufactured masks by establishing four sewing workshops to manufacture 112,00 masks in the city of Maarat Masrin. Each workshop supports the livelihood of 10 widowed women working as seamstresses, amounting to 40 women. 50,000 masks were manufactured by the end of October of which 25,000 masks were distributed to 1,562 families.

For the same purpose of reducing the spread of COVID-19, a medical consultation centre was established. The centre includes six specialized doctors to respond to the calls and inquiries from the Covid-19 isolation centres 24 hours a day as most of the isolation centres lack specialized doctors. The medical consultation centre provides consultations to all centres to reach the largest number of patients. By the end of October, 174 consultations were provided virtually for isolation centres in northern Syria.