IDPs in northern Syria … Escaping from war to homelessness || Emergency response campaign for displaced people in northern Syria

For the seventh consecutive month, WATAN continues to provide essential humanitarian assistance to the people displaced as a result of the recent military campaign that affected Idlib at the end of 2019. As part of the campaign, Monitoring and Evaluation teams in WATAN continue to track the movement of the people displaced in northern Syria.

WATAN field teams have distributed around 11,500 non-food baskets to people in need in the areas of Azaz, Idlib, Afrin, Jabal Samaan, and the Harem region in northern Syria. It also examined and facilitated the flooring of nearly 4000 tents and installed 5,000 tents in Afrin, Jarabulus, Azaz and Jabal Samaan.

In addition, WATAN teams restored approximately 450 houses inhabited by displaced people in Tire, Marea, Talalin, and Kufra in northern Aleppo

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WATAN, in cooperation with Ghiras Al-nahda Organization, works to distribute bread daily to the camps. WATAN bakes using approximately 1 ton of flour per day in an oven in the Dana region and Ghiras Al-nahda distributes the bread to about 1,100 beneficiaries per day.

In the temporary reception center established by WATAN in February of this year, WATAN is working to expand the center to accommodate about 160 families per day after having expanded to 80 families. The expansion includes the establishment of a kitchen inside the center and creating additional bathroom blocks.

The center is located in the city of Maarat Masrin in Idlib countryside and receives families on a daily basis and provides them with all essential life services.