Early Childhood Development .. equipping hundreds of caregivers with the skills they need

By the end of last August, Watan had been able to reach 1066 caregivers and 407 children through the “Hello Sesame” project for early childhood development.

This project aims to improve the relationships between caregivers and children. This includes increasing the capacity of caregivers so that they understand early childhood particularities and ways to deal with them, to promote the children’s development and comprehensive education in the cognitive, physical and social aspects, in addition to enhancing the children’s well-being and decrease the negative effects resulting from being brought up surrounded by conflict and the crisis.

By the end of August, four centres were set up to receive caregivers and children, in the northern countryside of Idlib. These locations were in Qah and Tal al-Karamah camps, the Watan Medical Centre in the Azaz region, and Tilal al-Sham camp. The centres were provided with everything necessary to provide the project activities: sessions for caregivers and spaces designated for children to play and learn

The session highlighted the importance of this early stage for children, and its impact on the development of a child in later stages of their life. It went over the requirements of a child at this stage, mentioning the impact which positive discipline can have on a child, alleviating the effects of psychological stress on both the caregiver and child.

It is hoped that the project will improve the relationship between parents and their children and establish early learning environment that is supportive, safe and inclusive.