Water Filter Project: Get your donation doubled!

Double your donation – Donate one water and get your donation doubled by GrifAid for families across the Southern Suburbs of Aleppo.

Our Water Filter projects in partnership with Grif Aid will be providing filters will be in the southern suburbs of Aleppo, due to the water scarcity in area. Closer to the summer period there will be an increasing need for clean drinking water. Our aim is to provide as many families within the area with clean, safe and accessible drinking water before the summer.

We will be benefiting over 400 families, meaning over 2,000 beneficiaries. Most of which are women and children living in very poor conditions.

For a one off payment of 40 you can provide a water filter for a family in Syria designed to work for a minimum of 6 months, producing 90 litres of clean water per hour.

Grif Aid, also known as Save the Water Trust, is a non-profit company based in the UK engaging in the design and production of water filters to provide clean drinking water to over 40 countries. They are partnering with us for this fantastic initiative in matching each water filter provided!

Meaning, when donate a water filter, they will also provide one, doubling our reach and doubling your donation!