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30 Health centres equipped with uninterruptible electrical systems

The problem of providing electricity to medical centres is difficult, but considering that some medical devices will stop working without electricity, means no electricity could result in avoidable suffering. Watan began implementing the “Uninterruptible Electrical Systems” project in the city of Idlib and the northern and western countryside of Aleppo and Idlib on the twentieth of last August in partnership with Grand Challenge in Canada.

The workshops began the manufacturing processes for the metal structures of the generators in accordance to the technical specifications and conditions. The procedures to prepare for receiving the supplied equipment were taken, manuals containing operating information and training material were provided, which would eventually benefit the technicians operating and maintaining the systems.

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The project will provide thirty health centres with thirty generators, half of them with the capacity 5kva and the other half with the capacity 10kva. The centres are in Idlib, Darkoush, Salqin, Dana, Kafr Takharim, Qurqina, Afrin, Azaz, Marea, Darat Azza, Jarablus, Akhtarin, Al-Bab, and Souran.

As a result, the quality and performance of the medical equipment will be improved increasing their lifespan, the periodic maintenance rates will be reduced, and the reliability of medical results will increase.

This will also lead to an increase in the number of working hours in the health centres leading to an increase in the number of beneficiaries particularly with the added pressure with the covid-19 cases. This continuous supply of electrical energy to medical devices ensures reliability for staff and will also save expenses due to less maintenance costs.

It is expected that the number of beneficiaries of the project will reach 147,000 people.