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Winter Emergency

Delivering Warmth During the Cold Months

In Syria, 6.5 million families escaping for safety suffer without heating in temporary accommodation and refugee camps. Many of them are now pouring into a make-shift camp in subzero temperatures with no running water.

Winter kills: last year, 15 Syrian babies froze to death in camps .13 of them were under a year old. This year, the increase in the price of fuel is preventing families from coping with the cold, and many other babies, children and elderly adults’ lives are at risk. We need to send aid.


WATAN has been alleviating the suffering of Syrian IDPs and vulnerable host communities since 2012. Each year, our organization designs a specific winterization program to assist those in need when they need it the most, in a timely manner.

Our team is already on the ground, providing warm clothing, food packs, blankets, fuel for heaters and essentials directly to those who are in extreme danger. We have assisted more than 250,000 unprotected families with life-saving winter essentials.

Adequate emergency preparedness:
Plan an emergency response by ensuring access to items and actions ready for appropriate interventions.

Our Mission

To provide adequate support for all families and individuals displaced by disasters and conflicts, and those who are unprepared to protect their homes from the cold months of the winter season.



Winter Kits & Clothes

Winter is the coldest when you have no protective clothing to keep yourself warm. Life gets even tougher for the Syrians who are living inside tents set up in open land where the freezing winds whiz during the winter season. WATAN UK delivers warm clothes and winter items such as blankets, socks and stoves. Help them stay warm!

Clothes £34

Kerosene Heating

Provide warmth to a displaced family during the cold days of the winter season. Temperatures in Northern Syria drop below the freezing point at the peak of winter, making it extremely difficult for destitute families to survive. By using Kerosene heaters, the IDPs could stay cosy at night.

Makeshift Tents

Millions of IDPs inside Syria are living in dire conditions. Due to the lack of shelter, their lives are threatened by the harsh weather. With your support, WATAN UK could set up a tent will provide temporary shelter to a displaced family.

Give Where the Need is Greatest

£24 - Blanket & Mattress For A Person