10 Apr

Food Donation For Syria And The Impact It Has On The Syrian Children

What Can We Do? Millions of Syrians have escaped the country to save their lives and protect their loved ones from the impact of the civil war. Those who are left behind need urgent assistance. Times like these call for the people of the world to unite. Forgive our differences and work toward creating a better, safer space for the people of Syria. Choosing the right avenue to help is crucial. Amid the plethora of charity organisations working to help Syria,...

04 Apr

Appeal for Donations for Kids

 The conflict in Syria has reached its seventh year. The crisis has brought major concerns for the children in Syria. In response to the outcry, Watan UK has launched an appeal for donations for kids. The contributions will be directed towards several projects aimed to help children recover from the trauma of war and to help them live a normal life. Caught in the World’s Largest Crisis The Syrian conflict has driven...

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