10 Apr

Best Ways to Extend Help for Syria From Anywhere in the World!

The What, Why And How! The Syria Crisis The situation in Syria is deteriorating with each passing day. The conflict has affected millions of lives in the past 7 years. From destroying homes schools and hospitals to turning hundreds of children into orphans overnight. The war in Syria has had a catastrophic impact on the lives of the people there. While the shadows of death dance around the abandoned cities of Syria, hope is still alive. In the past 7 years,...

10 Apr

Donate to Syria to Help the People in Need

More than 4 million people are displaced inside Syria due to the ongoing conflict. Blasts, rocket fires and constant bombing has taken many lives and put many others in danger. The people of Syria have not much left than a hope. So donate to Syria and help them regain their lives. Humanitarian Crisis in Syria The still-going timeline of the Syrian conflict as taken several peaks of death and destruction. Since the conflict began in March 2011, millions of civilians have been...

10 Apr

Winter Is Here. Donate Blankets To Syria For Survival.

Life is not easy when you are living in poor conditions, are constantly hungry and don’t have the means to face torturous weather situations. Survival is all that the Syrians can think about, particularly amidst the extreme winter weather looming ahead. All over the world, the focus is on saving the people of Syria from the harsh winter conditions. When you donate blankets, warm clothing and other winter essentials, you ensure they make it through the winter months with ease. Winter...