Water Sanitation

Give Where the Need is Greatest

Creating New Means of Clean Water

Water, sanitation, and hygiene are immediate priorities for human survival. Before the conflicts in Syria began, 90% of the Syrian population had access to drinking water.

The 8 years of instability has left 12 million people in the country in need of access to clean water for drinking, cooking and sanitation. The decaying infrastructure in the country is mainly the reason behind the deficiency.

The WASH programme aims to provide clean water for drinking, cooking and hygiene. Watan UK is directly working in Northern Syria to provide the locals with access to clean drinkable water.


Water and Sanitation Program

Our Mission

To ensure that access to clean water is provided to vulnerable families living in underdeveloped regions or in IDP camps inside Syria.

How can You help?

Several areas where people have access to water are still vulnerable due to the poor quality of water. And then there are areas where there are no sources of water. Watan UK and WATAN are drilling deep wells and distributing portable water filters help the local people improve their sanitation. Your donation is delivered directly to the needy for clean water.

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