In light of its response to the needs of the most vulnerable groups in northwestern Syria, Watan has completed 25% of the maintenance work needed for 34 shelters in Afrin, Al-Bab, Azaz, Idlib, Dana, Maarat Misrin, Sarmada, Armanaz. Salqin, and Azmarin in northern Aleppo and Idlib.  Some of the people displaced in these areas live in centres damaged or lacking in basic needs such as privacy or hygiene.

The project consists of several stages that include the maintenance of 34 shelter centres for the displaced in northern Syria, which serve 1,500 displaced families (approximately 7500 individuals) and the improvement of the quality of services provided within the targeted shelter centres. In addition, the project aims to provide assistance by distributing 1500 non-food baskets and monthly food baskets for the families.

Give Where the Need is Greatest

To support better sanitation and avoid diseases transmitted by polluted water, the project aims to restore cleaning equipment and provide solid waste management and sludge removal activities. The project also aims to raise awareness through banners, posters, and illustrations painted on public facilities regarding the coronavirus, fire hazards, and security and safety issues.

The project is scheduled to end in March of next year so that 1500 families living in damaged and unsuitable centres will receive sustainable shelter support (non-food items and improved shelter conditions) and winter services.