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When a family loses the first line of support the father or in worst cases both parents, not only does the child have to cope with the tragedy of losing someone very dear, but also the loss of a regular source of income, which provided them the basic requirments in life.

Orphans are amongst the most vulnerable in society as they do not have the same opportunities as other children. They are often forced into child labour in order to survive and miss out on a normal childhood.

Given the opportunity of going back to school, these orphans could develop practical skills, which would enable thier communities to break out of the cycle of poverty.

By sponsoring a child for only £1 a day, you will be providing him or her with the basics that every child deserves – food, health care and education

How Does The Sponsorship Programme Work?

Watan UK works directly with children and their families to ensure your sponsorship donation is invested solely for the development of the beneficiaries. The location and family name of a child will be withheld until the donor has been identified. Watan UK will not publish or make public the address, telephone number or e-mail contact of any of the children or their families.


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