Protection Program

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We aspire for a world where basic human rights are recognised and respected lobally by all. A world where violence based on social group, sexual exploitation and other types of violence are stamped out – A healthy environment for the coming generations and strong and cohesive civil societies that participate positively in improving the life of all its individuals regardless of sex, creed or race.


  • This Project works on achieving safety, dignity and human rights with the aim of reducing exposure to harm and humiliation To ensure that humanitarian aid gets to the needy in a neutral manner – without discrimination or fear from physical or psychological harm.
  • Protecting the rights and well being of those adversely affected by the crisis and helping vulnerable groups fulfil their basic needs and widen their opportunities to fulfil their potential.
  • Ensuring the implementation of international standards for human protection for all vulnerable individuals and groups affected by the conflict and disasters.

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Protection Program
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