Covid-19 Pandemic Emergency

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Syria Is At Risk of COVID-19 Pandemic!

Since the first case of the novel Coronavirus was reported, Syria has been on a high alert against a possible pandemic. The country’s medical system is severely strained, putting it at a much greater risk than any other country in the world. If the infection escalates further, the death toll would pass beyond Italy in just a matter of days.

The panic spread across the country has put many at risk of a secondary disaster of pandemic nature. The UN has called for enabling “all out effort” to counter the pandemic in the war-ravaged country. Hospitals and clinics are lacking in the supply of medical equipment and medicines to treat patients. Moreover, millions of internally displaced people have little or no access to proper hygiene. Children and elders are at the forefront of this health situation and must be protected before it gets worse.

Immediate Action is Needed!

Watan UK is utilising all of its presence in Syria to spread awareness among IDPs and to help them stay protected. We have an increased need for medical supplies, hygiene kits and proper sanitation measures in the most vulnerable communities such as the rural Idlib and displacement camps along the Turkish borders.

Please donate as much as you can to help our brothers and sisters survive this ordeal.
100% of your donations will go towards the needy.

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