Food Packs & Livelihood

Food Baskets

in 2016 we successfully delivered 390,532 food baskets to needy families including 100,000 food baskets to besieged areas. A food basket contains a mixture of 17 food items (dependant on the availability and need of the families). Each basket generously contains a mixture of rice, lentils different beans, cheeses, oils, canned food, teas and coffees and flour. We also include fresh meat and baby powder milk when available. Our food baskets are distributed in Homs, Damascus Suburns, Hama, Idlib, Aleppo, Hasaka and Lataakia.

You can provide food baskets to a family for just $ 64 a month.

Flour & Bakery

Watan UK currently support 3 bakeries in Idleb with 100 tonnes of flour monthly to be able to distribute over 140,000 bread ‘Khobez’ packs every month to over 4,800 families. In Feb 2017 we will have opened our first ‘Care bakery’ completely owned, run and supported by Human Care in Aleppo Suburb which will distribute over 56,000 bread packs per month to over 1,900 families.

It will cost $ 64 to feed a family for a month.

Children’s Nutrition Packs

Providing nutrition packs is an essential requirement for those living in harsh conditions such as refugee camps where set meals are not guaranteed for children to get all the vitamins and minerals they need to develop at a healthy rate. Our nutrition pack content comes in the form of rice, soy protein, vegetable blends that are all inclusive of :

  • Vitamin A 35% • Vitamin C 65%
  • Calcium 20% • Iron 50%
  • Vitamin D 30% • Vitamin E 20%
  • Thiamin 55% • Riboflavin 50%
  • Niacin 50% • Vitamin B6 65%
  • Folate 90% • Vitamin B12 45%
  • iotin 25% • Pantothenic Acid 55%
  • Phosphorus 30% • Iodine 45%
  • Magnesium 35% • Zinc 30%
  • Copper 25% • Manganese 70%