Events & Fundraising

Raise money in memory

Raise money through your friends, family or community in memory of a loved one.

Are you a student? Want a quick way of raising money in between your busy semesters?

Why not organise a stall or bake sale at your campus! Dedicate yourself for a day with friends selling homemade finger foods or cakes. Or even pop into your local bakery and see what can be donated to your initiative! You can raise up to £1000 just from 1 day.

Take a challenge

For those who prefer activities to raise money there are lots of exciting ways you can do so! Runs, climbs, cycles or working towards a customised challenge would be the thing for you and we will support you in every step of the way!

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Penny Box & Dress Down day at work

Bringing charity to your workplace can be the great way to bond with colleagues. Why not organise a dress down day or lunch at your workplace? Print posters and share them with your office with your plans and all you need to do is collect a penny box from us for peoples donations!

Street collections with friends

If you and your friends are feeling motivated and willing to dedicate a weekend in actively fundraising then street collects are the best idea for you!

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