Emergency Relief

There is over 3 million people resident in the city of Idlib, its significance?
Idlib has been the ‘dumping ground’ for people who have been evacuated and displaced from other regions in Syria over the last 7 years of war.

Our fear as a humanitarian organisation is voiced around all NGO communities is further displacement for those who have fled to Idlib for shelter and safety. Now fleeing again we are there on the ground to prepare for the worst.

Our response team is ready to provide aid in all the necessary areas from food, shelter, medical and sanitation.

This raprid response will be in form of:

  • Emergency Food Ratio
  • Ready to eat meals
  • Medical Emergency Services
  • NFI kits
  • Rehabilitation of collective centers
  • Water tracking
  • Sewage rehabilitation
  • Rapid latrine

Your donations will help us carry out the work we need for the families in Idlib.