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Watan UK is now supporting over 1,600 students and over 120 teachers to continue and strengthen the educational system. Our education programme has helped over 169,948 people by the year 2019

We have upgraded our schools with new e-systems in order to develop and modernise the educational system in Syria and provide a long-term plan for the improvement of the schools and academic structures.

We pride ourselves on being a strong education-supporting charity, and therefore always aim to strengthen our teachers, provide them with training, and give them an adequate salary to provide a decent life for them and their families. We pay our teachers $125 more than most other charities – this is because we value our teachers and want to provide them with a safe and adequate living in Syria.

We have schools in Aleppo, Idleb, and the Damascus Suburb and Hama Suburbs, ensuring your donations change the lives of the youth in Syria. With these institutions running under Watan’s supervision, all the donations coming through our education programme go directly towards helping them improve the quality of education.


Education And Youth Program
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