Education and Youth Program

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A healthy and educated society where all its members co-operate in putting an end to ignorance, violence and extremism. A society that considers that the education of all its groups will create a strong foundation for society’s development and stability, thereby building a bright future.


The implementation of creative educational strategies, for intervention in communities adversely affected by disasters and conflicts. Providing solutions to the current and future needs of targeted groups, building academic and educational capabilities, nurturing talent and encouraging creativity.

Your donation will directly affect the children and young persons registered in our education and youth program. Donate now!


Our Education Fund not only helps rebuild the future of Syrian children, but also helps displaced Syrians earn a dignified living by teaching at our schools. We currently provide jobs to over 100 qualified teachers.

Due to the nature of the ongoing conflict, millions of Syrian children have been internally displaced and eagerly await returning to school. Due to the high demand, two of our schools are currently working on a two-shift basis; one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Statistics show that over 5,000 schools have been destroyed and many others are being used by refugees and displaced people. Donating an amount as small as 35p a day will not only provide a child with education but will also safeguard the lives of many generations to come.


Education and Youth Program
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