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10 Apr

Food Donation For Syria And The Impact It Has On The Syrian Children

What Can We Do? Millions of Syrians have escaped the country to save their lives and protect their loved ones from the impact of the civil war. Those who are left behind need urgent assistance. Times like these call for the people of the world to unite. Forgive our differences and work toward creating a better, safer space for the people of Syria. Choosing the right avenue to help is crucial. Amid the plethora of charity organisations working to help Syria,...

10 Apr

Best Ways to Extend Help for Syria From Anywhere in the World!

The What, Why And How! The Syria Crisis The situation in Syria is deteriorating with each passing day. The conflict has affected millions of lives in the past 7 years. From destroying homes schools and hospitals to turning hundreds of children into orphans overnight. The war in Syria has had a catastrophic impact on the lives of the people there. While the shadows of death dance around the abandoned cities of Syria, hope is still alive. In the past 7 years,...

10 Apr

Feeding the Homeless and Displaced People in Syria

Feeding the homeless in Syria is a big concern. Political conflicts, natural disasters and economic instability are the biggest causes of homelessness in the world. Syria shares two of the reasons, i.e. conflict and economic instability. Since the Syrian crisis began in 2011, the country has been on a downward slope of economic growth. This has resulted in millions of people being forced to leave their homes in order to fulfil daily livelihood necessities. According to the recent report from the...